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Law Enforcement Accountability Campaign

law_enforcement_accountabilityIn August 2011, investigative reports from the Associated Press confirmed long-standing suspicions that the New York Police Department was participating in wholesale surveillance of Arabs and Muslims in NY and across the Northeast. NYPD undercover officers infiltrated mosques, bookstores, cafes, restaurants and student associations on college campuses, creating dossiers of entire communities void of any criminal suspicion. The most recent set of leaked documents released in August 2013 reveals that not only were mosques subjected to “terrorism enterprise investigations,” confidential informants made attempts to infiltrate the board of directors at the AAANY.

As the NYPD engages in unwarranted surveillance of Muslim communities, police continue to target communities of color with tactics including stop and frisk. AAANY’s campaign seeks to increase transparency and accountability within the NYPD and end discriminatory policing practices impacting people of color and religious minorities.

Here’s how we work to change the NYPD:
Build power
We organize with the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition to build base of community members to end unwarranted NYPD surveillance.

Build coalitions
Concerns around wholesale spying of Muslim 
communities align with communities of color victim to the NYPD’s stop and frisk policy. As a member of Communities United for Police Reform, we work to connect the dots between all forms of discriminatory policing. Cross community organizing strengthens the movement around national security reform and civil liberties.

Change policy
As a leading MACLC member, AAANY played a critical role passing the Community Safety Act, ushering in an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and an enforceable ban on profiling. As our legislative strategy enter it’s next phase, AAANY will be active in the process of implementing the Inspector General Bill of the CSA in 2014, when the new law goes into effect.

Enforce the law
There are currently three federal lawsuits challenging the NYPD's discriminatory policy of wholesale spying: Handschu v Special Services Division, Raza v City of NY, and Hassan v City of NY.

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Immigration Reform Campaign

immigration_reformWith many of our community members hurting from a broken immigration system, the time has never been more right for Congress to support comprehensive immigration reform that keeps families together and upholds the dignity and respect all communities deserve. AAANY advocates for long-term solutions and immigration laws that ensure that all people, irrespective of status have access to equal rights and opportunities.

As a member of New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform, we organize to move elected officials to bring about meaningful reform that creates a pathway to citizenship, reunites and keeps families together and safeguards civil and human rights. AAANY’s voice on immigration reform remains critical as we highlight the need for due process and the elimination of immigration programs that use racial and religious profiling as a tactic to arrest and detain individuals.

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Civic Engagement & Community Organizing

voter_registration_02AAANY recognizes that one of the most effective ways to respond to challenges discriminatory policing practices and effectively advocate for immigrant rights, is to organize. Our long-term goal is to help develop and nurture the skills necessary for sustained civic participation of Arab and Muslim communities in NY. Understanding that community power is built over time, AAANY uses organizing tools like voter registration and mobilization to empower, engage, and increase voter representation during each election cycle.

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