AAANY Stands Against the New Proposed ‘Public Charge’ Rule

The Arab American Association of New York and the Arab community are deeply disappointed with the new proposed public charge rule.

Our community has suffered irreparable harm over the past two years as a result of anti-immigrant policies including the Muslim Ban and the ending of TPS for several war-torn countries. Once again, Arab immigrants are forced to make an impossible decision regarding the safety and security of their families.

Through this new regulation, what constitutes a ‘public charge’ would expand to include those who are enrolled in programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Section 8. For immigrant families that rely on these assistance programs for support, they would jeopardize their chances of obtaining permanent residence. Working families will have to choose between receiving public assistance for basic necessities and obtaining legal status.

We are already seeing the impacts of this rule on our communities before it has been implemented. Many families are withdrawing from the assistance programs out of fear of being denied green cards and of deportation. If implemented, this new definition of ‘public charge’ would severely restrict those who are able to enter the country, turning away disabled and low-income immigrants.

The decision continues to further this administration’s anti-immigrant agenda, attacking family reunification once again.