Reem Ramadan

Reem Ramadan was born and raised in Bahrain and is currently the Lead Organizer at the Arab American Association of New York. Reem leads advocacy and civic engagement efforts related to anti-Muslim bigotry, immigrant rights and police reform through campaigns and coalition building. She also serves as the Lead Coordinator of the Accompany Project and trainer of AAANY's Bystander Intervention training and Know Your Rights workshops. Outside of organizing, Reem enjoys creative writing, playing guitar, and video games.


Nandhi Honwana is a writer and digital media artist. Since graduating from Bard College as a Literature major, Nandhi has continued to explore her passion for storytelling through digital communications organizing with NYC-based social justice organizations. Through her focus on the Communications practices of these organizations, Nandhi has developed an interest in the intersection between art and activism. She is also currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects at the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema.

Hadeel Mishal

Hadeel Mishal was born and raised in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to a Palestinian family. She graduated from Wagner College in 2017 with a degree in history. Before joining AAANY, Hadeel served as a Youth Program Project Associate at The Food Trust in Philadelphia, PA through Newman's Own Foundation. She has valuable experience in working with youth to access education, as well as developing young leaders to be politically and civically engaged. In the past, she has worked with organizations such as the Port Richmond Partnership Leadership Academy, Project Hospitality, and El Centro del Immigrante. In her free time, Hadeel likes to bake, paint her nails, and spend time with friends and family.

David Kanj

Approximately four to six thousand years ago, humanity began anew on the slopes of Mount Ararat. David's antecedents did not venture far, largely remaining on lands between there and the Mediterranean. David is originally an accumulation of inorganic matter, and then a clot of blood, though he remembers one of his past incarnations as a eighteenth-century muleteer (cf. Ameen Ferris Rihani's al-Mukārī wal-Kāhin). He has found himself between Massachusetts Bay and New York City, where he longs for warmer climates and the fall of borders. David studied Middle Eastern history, Arabic, and Swahili at Amherst College, which he hopes to pursue and continue, and he is passionate about his community organizing and youth work at AAANY. To avoid another Deluge, David is a socialist and advocates for immediate revolution.