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Dr. Ahmad Jaber, President

Dr. Jaber has been a Bay Ridge community member for over thirty years. He currently sits on the board of Beit Al Maqdis Islamic Center, the Arab Muslim American Federation and the Islamic Mission of America, and was a past president of the National Arab American Medical Association-New York Chapter. He is the Board President and one of the original founders of the Arab American Association of New York. Dr. Jaber is a retired obstetrician and gynecologist. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Habib Joudeh, Vice President

Habib Joudeh is the owner of several Brooklyn businesses including two pharmacies, and is a respected community activist who has formed strong relationships with diverse community leaders. He has initiated numerous health-related workshops, discussing topics such as diabetes, high blood pressure and prostate cancer.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Pastor Khader al-Yateem, Treasurer

Pastor Khader El-Yateem is the pastor and developer of the first Arabic Lutheran Church in America, serving the spiritual and social needs of Brooklyn’s Lutheran Arab community. He serves on many boards and committees in America and abroad. He supports peace, justice, equality and freedom to all nations and peoples of the world through his ministry and work.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Virginia Tong, MSW

Virginia Tong, MSW, is the Vice President of Cultural Competence at Lutheran Medical Center. She has years of experience working in New York City as a social worker with Asian non-profit organizations. Virginia has been an important advocate for the Arab American community at Lutheran Medical Center where she serves as the liaison between the community and the hospital in southwest Brooklyn. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sarab Al-Jijakli

Sarab Al-Jijakli is Marketing Director at Ogilvy, where he specializes in developing marketing programs that cut across all mediums. Sarab is a co-founder of the NY chapter of Network of Arab-American Professionals. As NAAP-NY's Political Committee facilitator, Sarab has focused on developing comprehensive election outreach campaigns throughout New York metro area in Arab-populated neighborhoods, and is heavily involved in coalition building efforts with grassroots initiatives, particularly in efforts to raise awareness about the situations in Palestine and Syria, as well as to increase civic participation within the Arab-American community. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Eman Al-Janabi

Dr. Eman Al-Janabi grew up in Queens, NY, and returned to New York after spending some time in Iraq, where she learned most of her Arabic. She has been running a private practice as an obstetrician and gynecologist in Brooklyn for six years, is a proud mother of two, and has been an active member of the Arab-American community in Brooklyn. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Laila Farhat

Originally from Lebanon, Dr. Farhat balances motherhood and family life with her work at Jana Health Center, practicing internal medicine. She is a strong ally and advocate for women in the Arab American community. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wael Mousfar

Wael Mousfar is employed by the NYC Housing Preservation and Development and is a longtime community activist in the Bay Ridge community. He is a former President of the Arab Muslim American Federation. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maryann Walsh

Maryann Walsh has volunteered with the Bay Ridge Community Council (BRCC) since the mid-1970s, after she co-founded the 71st Street 100 Block Association in 1974. Over the years, she “just got more and more involved and, as people say, the rest is history.” Through her work with the BRCC and CB10, Walsh is able “to liaise with the city agencies to get things done."