Adult Education (ESOL) Classes 


Most of our ESOL classes are women-only in order to provide a culturally sensitive learning environment in which students can feel most comfortable. Mixed gender classes are also available. The classes focus on many aspects of learning English, and cater to the needs of our students, varying from basic literacy to forms of professional language and conversation practice. Emphasis is placed on self-efficacy and language for day-to-day interactions. Classes run from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Monday - Thursday. All classes are held at Beit al-Maqdis at 6202 6th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11220. 

Registration for all classes is now closed. Students are required to register for open spaces in the class. A placement exam is administered to each incoming student. Please email our Adult Education Program Manager, Nora Salem at or call us at (718) 745 - 3523.