Position Description: Citizenship Tutor

Job Summary

The AAANY is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to tutor clients that have their Naturalization Test in the near future. Tutors will help prepare clients for their Naturalization Test by teaching them American history and  by helping to improve their reading and writing. 

The Volunteer Citizenship Instructor must have a desire to work with immigrant communities and assist clients in learning civics and understanding the various components of the naturalization exam. Instructors will mentor and guide students through the most difficult challenges of learning the reading, writing, and verbal portions of the exam. In this role, volunteer instructors will be able to create lesson plans, study groups, conversation lessons, and practice exams for our students. Furthermore, volunteer teachers will gain an understanding of the workings of a nonprofit organization, tutoring programs, and they will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Arab American and immigrant community of Bay Ridge. This is an excellent opportunity for all individuals that want to gain experience in education and for those that want to help immigrants become American citizens!


  • Provide weekly hour-long tutorial sessions for clients on the speaking, civics, reading, and writing portions of the naturalization exam
  • Take attendance of the students who are present for each citizenship tutoring session
  • Conduct mock interview and practice exams with students
  • Log and share planning with coordinator and other volunteers, including entering hand-written notes on planning document
  • Measure students' performance and progress during tutoring sessions
  • Provide timely survey feedback to Association staff regarding both volunteer and student satisfaction and performance


  • Basic knowledge and interest in American history and politics is helpful, but not required;
  • Basic understanding of the naturalization process (training will be provided);
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Knowledge of Arabic is preferred but not required
  •   A strong and genuine desire to help a diverse immigrant community
  • Professional,  interpersonal skills as well as attention to details