Marwa Janini

Marwa is a multilingual Palestinian-Latina Muslim American who currently serves as the Immigration Program Manager at the Arab American Association of New York. She manages a staff of eight professionals, including attorneys and immigration paralegals, to provide much-needed counsel to individuals with pressing immigration concerns. Marwa also does her part in her capacity as a DOJ Legal Representative by representing clients as they navigate the immigration bureaucracy. She holds a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from The CUNY Graduate Center, where she was honored as the 2015 Outstanding Student in the Masters Program in Middle Eastern Studies. Marwa is a member of RIMAAL, a global network of researchers committed to expanding the discourse surrounding Latin America and the Arab Worlds. Her work has been published in Jadaliyya Magazine.

Marwa is also an adjunct professor of English at CUNY, College of Staten Island  (CSI) and the Co-Founder of The Pilot Co-Remediation Program at CSI English ESL and Developmental Programs. She served as a leading fellow at The New York Community Trust Fellow at CUNY Baruch and has been involved in charitable initiatives in the northern region of Ghana, providing supplies and fundraising for Al Nuriye Primary School. Marwa brings a passion that is unmatched to her activism, whether it's establishing a women's center in Ghana or providing much needed legal services to disenfranchised immigrant communities in New York City. Most recently, she became a proud mother of a beautiful little girl.

Aisha Alsabahi

Aisha joined the AAANY team in September 2016 as an administrative assistant. In February 2018, she joined the staff  as an Immigration Navigator. She recently graduated from Baruch College with a BA in Operations Management.

Samie Alyameni

Samie has been with AAANY for 2 years. She started as an intern before taking the role as a Navigator. Samie was studying nursing before she realized that new immigration laws would impact many lives.She switched her major to help in any way she can. Samie studied Criminal Justice. She has a passion for helping people. Samie tutored children after school during her college years. She has completed internships at Union Settlement as a teachers assistant, at a divorce attorney’s office as a paralegal assistant and two casework internships at the Arab American Association of New York. Samie enjoys seeing her clients and providing them the benefits that they qualify for.

Iman Al Ahdal is a paralegal specialized in Immigration Law. She got her B.A. in 2005 from Sana’a University in English Literature. Her career started in 2004 as a Human Resources Assistant at the American Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen.  Afterwards, she moved to the U.S. in late 2005 and started as a dedicated volunteer at the Yemeni American Association, helping the Yemeni community with all immigration related issues. Moreover, she is an honorable U.S. Army Veteran (Specialist) who served the U.S. Military for 4 years as a Petroleum Specialist/Interpreter, and was honorably discharged in 2016. Iman is a certified Medical Interpreter, who worked as a contracted freelancer with all of NYU and Presbyterian Hospitals all over New York City.

Iman Al-ahdal

Daad is a proud Chicagoan, by way of Sudan. She recently graduated from Yale University with a double major in Ethnicity, Race & Migration and Economics. Prior to moving to NYC, Daad lived in Pittsburgh where she conducted research on socioeconomic disparities existing across racial lines and served as a project coordinator at All for All, an immigrant inclusion initiative.

Daad Sharif

Jonathon is from Los Angeles, California, where his mother settled after emigrating from Honduras at the age of 18. Her difficulties adjusting to the United States inspired Jonathon to study borders and migration at Williams College, with a focus on artistic resistance within the Global South. When he isn’t meeting with community members or filing immigration applications, you can find Jonathon playing music in the park or exploring all the bookstores in the five boroughs.

Jonathon Burne-Espinoza

Sarah has lived in New York from almost 5 years, originally from Lebanon. She studied Economics at The New School, mostly focusing on Economic Theory and Urban Policy. When she is not studying, Sarah enjoys reading or attending dance classes.

Sarah Abdallah