Teen Grantmaking Initiative (TGI)

The Arab American Association of NY is testing our first-ever youth philanthropy project this year and would love for you to be a part of it! If you are interested in philanthropy, grantmaking, non-profit management, or just giving back to your community, this program is perfect for you! 

High School students raise funds to grant to an organization, student group or youth group that serves a major need of the community. AAANY will match the funds they raise dollar for dollar up to $2500! The TGI team will develop a Request for Proposals (RFP), solicit and review grantee applications, select a grantee, and donate the money. 

This is a great way to A) Learn about non-profit management, improve your financial skills and give back to the community. B) Develop your leadership skills through a groundbreaking program that will look GREAT on your college application! 

Kitaab Club After-School Tutoring

Kitaab Club is an intensive literacy program for children struggling to read at grade level. Many of our students come from households where only Arabic is spoken, and as a result, they often lack adequate academic and literacy support. Students benefit from personalized and innovative language instruction in a fun and safe environment three days a week. 

Volunteers and after-school tutors are accepted on a rolling basis. Students who are required to fulfill their community service hours are encouraged to apply. Please contact Evelyn Garcia at Evelyn@ArabAmericanNY.org or (718) 745-3523 for more information, or to enroll. 

College Advising

Having difficulty deciding which college to apply to? Need help with your college application? Schedule an appointmet with our in-house college advisor, Bruni Torras. Bruni will be able to answer any questions pertaining to the college application process as she brings years of experience in academic advising.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Evelyn Garcia or Winnie Lau at 718-745-3523. Advising sessions are also available on a walk-in basis. 

Gender Equality: Brooklynat

The Next Generation of Arab American Women Activists Brooklynat is a program for young Arab-American women in New York City that fosters engagement, activism and leadership. Working within a largely conservative and traditional community, we are building a team of young Arab women who are outspoken advocates for the issues that matter to them as empowered and independent Arab-Americans. Brooklynat is the plural of “Brooklyna,” an Arabic/English word to describe a girl from Brooklyn. 

What do the Brooklynat do?

We create our own community service projects, paint public murals, attend film screenings, spoken word shows, poetry slams, visit art galleries and political rallies. 

We meet with other amazing Arab-American women who give back to the community in diverse ways--fashion designers, filmmakers, journalists, and religious scholars. 

We Decide What Issues Matter To Us And Do Something About It!

Civic Engagement & Advocacy Youth Street Team

Help AAANY with our advocacy and civic engagement work by becoming a member of our Youth Street Team. You will work on some of the most exciting and relevant issues in NYC and even nation-wide, including advocating Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, ending the NYPD surveillance program of the Muslim-American and Arab-American communities, and raising the political awareness and activism of your community. 

Community Organizing

We have been actively building our youth network of people who care about the community through focus groups, iftars, and various projects. Check out our video of what happened over Summer 2011 and our first Youth Summit!