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Food and Fadwa: deliciously entertaining

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Food and Fadwa offers a fresh perspective on life, politics, and tradition. Set in Bethlehem, the protagonist, Fadwa, is forced into being the glue of the dysfunction and chaos around her, while fastidiously sticking to the purity of her recipes. Each scene starts with her at the helm of her domain: the kitchen, staring in her own cooking show. Her incisiveness and quirks become alive as she prepares each meal to respond to the situation. Several times, the food becomes animated, even humanized. The Molokhaya, a leafy, soupy, flavorful delight, must be spoken to with love and desire. In another moment, the hummus and salad, along with napkins, cups, and finally salt all found their way onto the table to represent the impossibility of living in the West Bank; surrounded by checkpoints, settlements, and forbidden areas. Politics and injustice play seamlessly through with the wit, humor, and charm of the actors. Arabic and cultural mannerisms persist throughout, portraying an endearing side of a much-too-often demonized people.

Plays like this don’t come around often enough. Don’t be that person who wishes he saw it and then missed the chance. Get your ticket now. There are less than two weeks to see it! The Noor theater is an amazing endeavor that I hope to only see grow ;) .

As Associate Director here I enjoy thinking of ways we can partner with the arts. We are excited for our upcoming Kitaab Camp; a 6 week camp for English Language Learners that will include art workshops, field trips, sports, music, and maybe even theater? Cultivating a passion for culture is a sign of a strong community. I was pleased to meet with an all-male Depke team today who will start practicing in our space. This same type of cultural pride that exists in Food and Fadwa must continue to be cultivated. Support our efforts by donating online today!

-Christophe Jospe