April 24, 2012 Posted by admin in Blog

Youth Share Perspectives at Interfaith Event

Several youth from the Arab American Association of New York attended the annual interfaith event at the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue on Sunday, April 22. Through different games, activities, discussions and of course dinner, youth from AAANY, Plymouth Church and the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue shared insight into their respective faiths and had a chance to learn about others.

Youth Advisory Council President Emen Tabit described the event as a great success. These types of events are important for her, “because if different points of view are never discussed then they are never understood. Things are never black and white. There is always a gray area. This event was excellent because we got to see all different faiths sitting down discussing what would be an otherwise heated issue harmoniously.” For the break-out sessions into, she and her cousin Naema became great ambassadors for their religion, fielding questions from how engagements and dating work in Islam to what’s it like as a Muslim facing constant bias in the media. Ahmed, another of our youth who attended the event shared that “my favorite part was when there were a lot of people from different religions explaining how religion in every day life affects them in different ways.” But at the end of the day, he was happy that the take home message was “friends have nothing to do with religion. If you are my friend, it doesn’t matter what religion you come from, it has nothing to do with it.” Indeed, by wearing his FC Barcalona T-shirt he had made new friends simply talking about soccer.

-Christophe Jospe