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Tag: Valentines Day


Kitaab Club Showing Love

Hanging out with kids on Valentine’s Day can be a great way to get back to the true meaning of the holiday. That was certainly our experience this week in Kitaab Club, AAANY’s afterschool literacy class for kids ages 5 – 13. As part of our continuing lessons on “exploring identity,” we talked with our class about words associated with this day: love, heart, caring, holiday, happy, friends and so on. Our main focus of the day, however, was family. Not only did the class teach each other important vocabulary for talking about their families, but they also made beautiful cards for their moms and dads showing their love and appreciation for their parents. As kid designed and created own their cards, it was particularly heartening to see them helping each other with spelling. After a month of Kitaab Club, this lesson really showed the progress our talented kids have made already both in their language skills and their creative self-expression. Stay tuned for reports on our upcoming classes where we will be making family trees and other fun activities!

- Emma Alpert

Creating Love on Eid el Hub

This week, the students of AAANY’s ESL program got together during their winter break to celebrate Valentine’s Day with volunteer art therapist Julia Kristeller.  As plates of basbusa, baklava and chocolate went around, students wrote Valentine’s Day cards (in English!) for loved ones and chatted with friends from class. Advanced students helped others jot down holiday wishes, and mothers with young children supervised the artistic endeavors of their very enthusiastic toddlers.  Women left the holiday workshop relaxed and ready for the new term of English classes, which begins January 27 at 9:30 am.

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By Katie McCulloch