Take on Hate Workshops 


Take on Hate launched in 2014, it is a grassroots campaign that challenges growing discrimination and misconception  of Arab and Muslim Americans, including refugees. The campaign also moves to create a positive perception of Arabs and Muslims. The goal is to create awareness and spread the knowledge about the cultural bias that Arabs and Muslims experience globally. This campaign focuses on the media’s portrayal of this community and how this portrayal enforces a societal bigotry. With love, acceptance, and knowledge AAANY assists to help individuals become aware of the issue of Islamophobia, how to combat it and how to help our peers experiencing it.

At AAANY we hold Take on Hate workshops at educational institutions and offices. These workshops focus on the different reasons individuals are Islamophobic, police reaction to Arab and Muslim Americans, and politician influence. We discuss the history, roots, and remedies to Islamophobia.

If you would like to set up a workshop please email us at advocacy.aaany@gmail.com  or call at (718) 745 - 3523