July 20, 2018


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AAANY Statement on SomaliA TPS Extension 

While we welcome the decision to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Somalia, we are highly disappointed that this administration has failed to re-designate, ultimately putting hundreds of lives at risk of deportation once again. 

For years, Somalia has been plagued by political unrest, violence, and a series of natural disasters, resulting in thousands of refugees fleeing the country. As a result, Somalia was one of the countries added to the Muslim Ban, which was upheld by SCOTUS just two weeks ago, citing the unsafe and dangerous conditions in the country. Yet, the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) refusal to re-designate, forces hundreds of Somalis back to their country of origins, where they face persecution, forced conscription, and sexual violence without the opportunity to seek safety. 

In a series of announcements within the past year, DHS has begun phasing out the program. They have failed to re-designate TPS for any of the other countries, including Honduras, Nicaragua, and Haiti. Once again, this administration continues to implement it's white supremacist and anti-immigrant agenda - tearing families apart and destroying the lives of immigrant communities nationwide.